Semper Eadem (Always the same)

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Leicester motto is Semper Eadem, which means 'Always the Same'. This photography and Oral History project documents fifteen places in Leicester which have not changed for at least 25 years. (Read more)

An installation of the work was open for six months at Leicester New Walk Museum in 2008. With a grant from the Art Fund the artwork was then purchased by the museum for their perment collection (see link).


Maxine Beuret

Colin Hyde

Award winning Photographer Maxine Beuret's work looks at the interiors of places in the present which have a strong sense of the past. She has exhibited in the UK and USA.She has published a book 'Departure of the Slam-door Trains' and is currently working on a project entitled 'A Nation of Shopkeepers', looking at unchanged high street shops across the UK.

Colin Hyde's involvement with oral history goes back to the original Leicester Oral History Archive, which was set up in 1983. He has worked on a number of community-based oral history projects, and has edited several oral history publications.